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Implant Characteristics

Implantology is the epitome of restoration dentistry, ensuring the functional and aesthetic replacement of lost teeth. Long term studies show that implants, when properly placed and cared for, enjoy a lifespan comparable to that of natural teeth. Hence it is no wonder that implantology continues to gain prominence throughout the world of dentistry.

Titanium alloy - The material of choice

All A.B. Dental Devices' implants are made of the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI,CG Bar-0.1875 Dia. according to IF ASYM 36 98. Titanium has proven to be the ideal implant material for many reasons, perhaps the most important being its ability to integrate almost completely with the bone. In addition to being "bio-friendly" it enjoys favorable mechanical qualities (strength, endurance) and can be precisely fabricated (precision measured in microns) to ensure a range of implants that meet the requirements for optimizing stability in the widest range of patients (taking into account the dimensions and state of health of an individual's bone and gums).

External Surface

The implant, which replaces a tooth's roots, is the infrastructure for tooth restoration, and its stabilization in the jawbone is absolutely crucial. In order to intensify the osseo-integration, A.B. Dental's implants undergo Bioresorbable Blasting to the surface area of the implant. Bioresorbable Blasting is an innovative and unique development that encourages the fast growth of the bone aside the implant. Enabling an optimal connection between the bone and the implant, the Bioresorbable Blasting shortens healing time significantly.

The dental implant surface morphology from A to C: Uniform morphology at the different magnifications, no residual contamination from indented particles.


A.B. Dental Devices' implants undergo a strict sterilization process, including exposure to Gamma irradiation (at a level of 2.5 Mrad) as stipulated in "Sterilization of medical devices - Validation and routine control of sterilization by irradiation - EN 552: (1994)". Samples are tested for sterility using USP 24 procedures for medical devices (membrane filtration method). Irradiated finished products also undergo "Bio-Burden test - ISO 11637-1" to assure sterilization.


The neck is very smooth as a result of an extremely high quality, extra fine and professional process carried out with a special cutting tool. The smooth part of the collar is 0.5 mm height in order to prevent gum retraction in the future.


Each and every A.B. Dental Devices product carries a lot number that leads to its “identity card", a record with details of each stage of its production. The dentist receives two identical labels, one designed for the follow-up within the patient's file and the other one for the patient's clinical report, supplied by us and gathered once a year for clinical follow-up.

Fatigue Testing

The mechanical strength (fatigue test) of A.B. Dental Devices' implants was tested according to the “Class II Special Control Guidance Document: Root Form Endosseous Implants and Abutments: Draft Guidance for Industry and FDA" at the Metallurgical Lab of the "Technion Research and Development Foundation" and were found to be highly resistant to fatigue under extreme mechanical loading forces.

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